Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 14/08/2012


With Beautiful splendid buildings situated in the heart of a residential area of Kisoro town council, Kisoro district, there lies UOBDU home. Also known as the Batwa cultural centre, it was funded by GEF under small grant project.

The centre includes a training hall, offices and a unique traditional grass thatched hut that contains Batwa handcrafts. These hand crafts can be got at an affordable price at the centre.

The centre too boasts of a parking yard, and is beautifully surrounded by flower gardens. Within the flower gardens there are herbal plants which were used by the Batwa as a source of herbal medicine.

The Batwa cultural centre is an eye catchment site that no one should leave Kisoro without visiting.

Thanks to GEF small grant project for their support and for creating a home for the Batwa.




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