Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 05/09/2012

Singing wells visits Batwa


November last year was a blessing to the Batwa communities of Kisoro district. A group of people from UK and Nairobi  visited UOBDU and Batwa communities with interest of listening to the Batwa music.

The group was taken around six Batwa communities by UOBDU staff. After four days, the group came up with four Batwa dancing groups that were later transported to Nairobi to record their own music.

According to one mutwa known as Rumazi, this was the best experience Batwa have ever had in their lives and communities.

Batwa music was recorded in Nairobi.  Batwa music CDS are now available at UOBDU office for sell plus singing wells brochures that you can get for free at UOBDU office.

The team that visited UOBDU agreed to make a project to continue empowering the music groups that were visited.

Since that time of the visit, six groups have been made with so far two groups advancing. One group this July shared bed sheets and source pans using the earnings that they get as a singing group.

                           sharing source pans and bed sheets

Due to a good impression that was shown by one of the above singing groups, UOBDU managed to give them musical instruments in form of ankle bells and a drum. UOBDU is further looking for places within Kisoro that can hire the Batwa to entertain them.


                           Batwa  group during their weekly  dancing practice

The singing wells team has empowered the Batwa to improve and as well as preserve their culture.



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