Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 11/09/2012



All human beings are entitled to human rights and to enjoy them freely. Among these rights is a right to life, right to free expression name it. However, this is not the case among the Batwa a minority tribe in Uganda.

Batwa are cut anyhow, women gang raped and murdered, girls impregnated and denied, assaulted and even beaten.

Batwa cannot freely express themselves among the other tribes since they are discriminated and under looked.

I was demanding for my two thousand shilling that I had worked for and he threw me down and I hit my head on a stone’ lamented one Mugabe Abel a mutwa from Kisoro district.

                                                             Mugabe Abel

Last month, a young girl Musiime Joan of about twelve years was brutally cut by a one Wilber s/o Misemburo who claimed she had stolen a handful of potatoes from their garden.

The suspect is being hunted by police as the young girl lies helplessly in Mutorele hospital.


                                                              Joan Musiime

Human right violations are immense in Batwa communities with most of them going unpunished.



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