Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 06/10/2012


UOBDU was privileged once again this year to host its main donors from Ford Foundation USA and Nairobi offices .Among the visitors was FF Director David and his wife Margarita from the USA , Dr Margret, Ingrid and Morris(Nairobi Director) .

The major aim of the visitation was monitoring UOBDU activities that Ford has been funding, sharing with some Batwa representatives, UOBDU staff, seeing for themselves the present situation of the Batwa plus looking  at other activities that UOBDU does most especially the Batwa P3DM models of both Mgahinga and Bwindi National Parks .

On arrival, the team headed to Kisoro district headquarters to pay a courtesy call to the Residential District Commissioner (RDC) and Local Council V (LCV). The team then proceeded to UOBDU offices to share with both staff and the Batwa representatives on the activities of the organisation.

The second day of the visit was so marvellous as the team enjoyed a two hours drive around hills and valleys to the destination of Nteko Batwa community in Nyabwishenya sub county, Kisoro district and  which is adjacent to Bwindi National Park


Pennina,David and UOBDU chairman  .      Batwa leading the team  to the community.


In Nteko, the team was welcomed bythe Batwa with a glamorous song, and as a Batwa culture, the chief guest was given a climbing stick to enable him climb to the Batwa community.

At the community the visitors were entertained with more songs, a play, interactions and handcraft viewing .The community visit was crowned with gift presentation from the Batwa led by UOBDU chairman.

                                      Team interacting with the community

The Ford Foundation team appreciated the communities’ effort, presentations, gifts and courage that was exhibited thus encouraged the Batwa to continue struggling for what once belonged to them.

The climax of the day was another entertainment from Birara Batwa dancing group which took place at Travellers Hotel in a bid to say farewell to the visitors that were leaving back for their countries of destination the following morning.

Many thanks go to Ford Foundation for the support they always offer the Batwa at large and UOBDU coordinator Pennina Zaninka  who welcomed and accompanied the guests back.






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