Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 22/04/2013

Batwa select their own new community representatives

As a routine activity in UOBDU of electing new leaders especially after their term expires, the last two month have been characterized by Batwa selecting their new community representatives. Each community votes for two representatives preferably a man and a woman. This exercise was facilitated by Batwa themselves with the assistance of UOBDU field staff.


                         Batwa lining up to vote for their representatives

These representatives are the local management unit within the governance structure of the organisation which is mandated to represent Batwa at meetings, workshops and other programmes whenever called upon and then take back information to the community. These representatives also monitor UOBDU projects at grass root level.

Among these representatives women will act as gender specialists in the community and will be trained to handle gender based violence issues within the community that they represent.

Congratulations to those that have been entrusted with such authority and trust, UOBDU looks forward to working with you.



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