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Ahouse out of the Book sells

Ahouse out of the Book sells

The Book

The Book

This book is as a result of a Danish student from International school Kampala and his mother who visited UOBDU in 2010. The book is an inspiring one with wonderful findings, informative messages and pictures about the Batwa from semliki in Bundibugyo and all the way to Kisoro that he was able to interact with.

The title of the book “The Batwa of Uganda” reveals to the reader what he is about to read as you touch the cover to open and begin your readings on the first page, the words there, makes the reader want to discover more about the book. Every page you see or read will lead you wanting to go to the next page. For many of you who have heard from the Batwa through other sources and are unable to travel to Uganda, but can afford to buy the book, then the book will lead and reveal to you all you had wanted to know about the Batwa be it the past, present and what the future holds for these forgotten people.

With assistance from UOBDU the author was in position and able to capture all necessary helpful information that you may find useful to you too. The author was very touched by the conditions he found Batwa in and decided that all revenues accrued from the book should directly go to UOBDU to help address some of the concerns he saw and found within Batwa families such as shelter, health, education and a need for demand of their rights. As a result of his efforts the book was published and launched in Kampala which attracted different categories of people including the senior presidential adviser on media and different media houses.

During and after the launch several copies of the book were sold to about eight Uganda million shillings of which with the approval of the management committee UOBDU secretariat constructed a six roomed house for a family of three each with two rooms. Efforts and new marketing strategies have been set by UOBDU to attract more sales via UOBDU website, hotels, lodges and super markets.

The sales of the book will generate more money to address some issues for a better Batwa community that is dignified, educated, empowered and recognized.

By buying one single copy of the book you will have saved a number of live and together we can change lives.

By Neza Henry,
UOBDU Capacity Building Officer.



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