Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 12/03/2014


MIKWEGYEMzee Mikwegye was born in a year no one knows and can even tell.

However, old people in their late 70’s in Kisoro remember seeing Mikwegye as a youth when they were young children, making fun to earn a living around Kisoro town.

Mikwegye breathed his last breath on Sunday night 9th March 2014 at his home in Mabungo where he had been resettled by UOBDU.

Approximately he was over one hundred years of age. He has been referred to as the grandfather for many Batwa around Kisoro because of his age. Unluckily enough he had neither a kid of his own nor a wife.

In his entire life Mikwegye only enjoyed a decent house in the last two years (2012-March 2014) when UOBDU resettled him together with his young sister and brother on a piece of land .He was buried with UOBDU’s assistance plus some few neighbors.

Mikwegye will be missed in Kisoro town where his livelihood has been earned by making fun to the public in terms of singing and stamping his feet in a unique matter. (Samba mikwegye, mikwegye samba).

Mikwegye, we shall miss you, may your soul rest in peace.




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