Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 20/03/2014

Batwa Craft Shop

The Batwa craft shop is an independent craft shop and is located at Bazanyamaso Road plot 3 in Kisoro town council. It was constructed with support of GEF/small Grant and is managed by United Organization for Batwa Development in Uganda (UOBDU).

This craft shop was constructed to help Batwa have their crafts sold from there so that their livelihoods can be improved through income generation.

Some of the items sold there include: baskets, masks, mortars, gorillas, and bangles, shopping baskets, arrows and bows, local dishes, table mats, local forks, whistles, mingling sticks, round bags, name it. These different items are made by majorly Batwa and small potion by none Batwa.

UOBDU as an organization employed a craft shop attendant who is available from Monday to Friday to sell these crafts in case there is someone who wants to buy some of them.

For more information about Batwa craft shop you can contact the following people;

Neza Henry: UOBDU Capacity Building Officer +256782592212

Zaninka Peninah: UOBDU Coordinator +256772660810

Nyamihanda Alice UOBDU Tourism Officer +256779671098

By Nyamihanda Alice
UOBDU Tourism Officer



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