Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 21/03/2014

Community sensitizations improve some Batwa Human Rights violations

A lot of Human rights among the Batwa have been infringed upon. These include among others rape, murder, and landlessness to mention but a few.

However, as a result of UOBDU weekly community sensitizations that are carried out by its field officers Batwa have been enabled to have a voice.

Batwa now can freely express themselves in public, can be listened to and know where to report in instances where their rights are violated. These authorities include the police, courts of law,local councils and the sub counties.

Reporting of these matters has seen Batwa to be compensated and the culprits to be punished in the courts of law. A recent example is where by a mutwa woman was beaten up without any cause and when the matter was taken to the authorities she was compensated.

This has instituted fear among other dominant tribes of the Bafumbira and Bakiga that neighbor Batwa not to violate Batwa rights intentionally because they know they will be punished.

Let us join hands to advocate for Batwa human rights.




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