Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 23/06/2014


UOBDU woke up on a sad note on Sunday 8th June 2014 to hear that Batwa houses had been burnt down in Ryabitukuru Batwa community Kisoro District, by their ethinic neighbours.
Out of the 14 households in the community, 13 Batwa houses were completely burnt down with all their belongings into ashes. According to the eye witnesses this incident took place on the evening of 7th June 2014.This was as a result of a conflict that emerged after a fight between one mutwa and a mukiga teacher.
Having fought the previous night, on the following day the none Batwa neighboring clan got annoyed and mobed up to go over a hilly distance of about 4 Kilometers to burn down the houses. Despite that these houses are scattered the mob managed to burn all of them in a period of about 2hours.
Having burnt down their houses, the Batwa had to camp at Rubuguri police station for security of which they were later transferered to CARE house near the Army barracks. Well-wishers’ would give them help in form of food, water, utensils, blankets, clothes etc.
After a follow up massive sensitization by the local leaders, UOBDU, other partners that work with Batwa, Kisoro DPC and RDC to both the Batwa and none Batwa of Rubuguri,the Batwa have been encouraged to go back to their land to construct temporary houses and stay there. The matter of Arson is still being followed up at police with the suspects at large.



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