Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 08/07/2014


On 7th June 2014, the Batwa of Ryabitukuru, Rubuguri, Kisoro district had their houses razed down as a result of a conflict between a mutwa and a mukiga neighbour.
Since then many interventions have been done by different NGOs including UOBDU ,Kisoro RDC, Police and local officials to mention but a few.

As a result of these interventions, Batwa were encouraged to return back to their lands, though without a single house on ground and critical support, but Batwa adhered to and with hope that justice would be done sooner.

Having left the matter in the hands of police for further investigations, it is now a month and no culprit has been apprehended or put to face justice within the courts of law despite some of them being known.

All we get when trying to follow up on the files is that “evidence is not yet sufficient enough for the files to be sanctioned”. This makes the Batwa loose hope and lack confidence in the police.

On the other hand Batwa neighbors, ‘the Bakiga’ gain confidence to keep marginalizing the Batwa and taking the law in their hands since they will not be punished by the law enforcers.

Something needs to be done. Arson is a very serious offense that should not go unpunished.



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