Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 19/09/2014

Two Batwa communities in Kabale get land.

Over the past month, Batwa of Nyakabungo and Murambo in Bufundi and Butanda sub counties in Kabale district respectively were grateful to receive three separate pieces of land from United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda (UOBDU) being funded by the Edirisa Society Solvenia (ESS) under ‘The Empowerment of Batwa women: Battering their skills for improving the condition of the Batwa people in South Western Uganda’ project.

Notably also and in the presence of UOBDU, ESS representatives and local authorities the Batwa were able to sign and receive the agreements to the land which empowered them with ownership. This land will be owned by the Batwa communally.

This same project also empowered the Batwa with Functional Adult Literacy (FAL), sewing, knitting skills, agriculture where Batwa grow Irish potatoes and vegetables, rear goats and has also helped improve on their saving culture.

This was followed by equipping the Batwa with knitting and sewing machines plus agricultural tools not leaving out stores and goat sheds.

Many thanks go to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Slovenia through ESS for enabling Batwa become their own landlords and empowering the Batwa to development.



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