Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 21/07/2015


On 6th July 2015 UOBDU under the project “improving access and take up of education for Batwa children initiative” met with over 52 head teachers and senior teachers from 20 primary schools in Kisoro district where Batwa children are schooling from.
IMG_1718The workshop which was funded by Minority Rights Group (MRG) through UOBDU and facilitated by Kisoro district Inspector of schools Mr.Irimaso David was also graced by ACAO of Kisoro Mr. Kalemera Alfred.
Improving access and take up of education for Batwa children initiative which is a pilot project provides lunch at school , shoes, uniform for those pupils who don’t have as well as providing seeds, hoes, pangas to their parents such that they can be able to provide food to other children by themselves.
The major importance of the workshop was to draw strategies to reduce marginalization of Batwa children in school such that the rate of school dropout can be reduced. Such include among others appointing a mutwa representative on each school board and including UOBDU in most of the school activities.

The Inspector of schools called upon the public especially the teachers to reduce stigimisation and marginalization of the Batwa in schools and the ACAO called upon the government to plan for resettling the Batwa such that they can have a better life.
The workshop closed with most of the teachers having got more educated about Batwa issues thus promised to promote the rights of the Batwa children.




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