Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 19/05/2016

What could have been triggering Batwa school dropout at UPE?

Universal Primary Education (UPE) commonly known as “Bonabasome“is a government aided program at primary level. Under this program, every eligible Ugandan child is admitted from p.1-p.7. Despite being a government program, a parent also has a role to play like providing scholastic materials, lunch, uniform, pay examination fees at school etc.

For Batwa, UPE has not helped much since Batwa children do not attend school 100% and this is because of the challenges they face such as lack of food to eat at lunch to enable them go back to school in the afternoon.

2015 to mid 2016 UOBDU secured funding from Minority Rights Group to provide lunch at school to the Batwa children
under UPE.
EducThis is usually done through collaborating with government schools that have Batwa children to identify someone to cook for these children at school. This lunch which usually comprises of posho, beans and some vegetables has proved wonders since school dropouts among Batwa children have reduced, a high enrollment of the schools has also been realized and according to school management there is also improvement in school performance among the Batwa children where some of them secured position one in class.
IMG_3301Educ 2 Batwa children being senstised,receiving uniform and feeding at school respectively

The project which has been supporting 399 Batwa children from the districts of Kabale, Kisoro and Kanungu ended with this first term 2016. UOBDU’s wish and that of the Batwa is to have the program continuing. However, there are no more funds to run this project.

We are hereby requesting well-wishers to support the continuation of this program of feeding Batwa children with lunch at school. Any donation towards this cause count and will be received with two hands.



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