Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 24/05/2016

Rain a gift from God

To many people rain is a blessing from God especially for water and for crops. This goes hand in hand when one has proper shelter to protect their families from leaking roofs, floods etc. But to the Batwa of Nyarusiza, Kanaba and Mperwa in Kisoro district rain is partly a disaster.

This is because they don’t have proper roofed houses thus making them get soaked during rainy days. These huts are also too cold and infested with mosquitoes which sometimes make Batwa not to sleep the entire night mostly when it is raining.

Batwa like other human beings deserve the right to have decent shelter. Any donation to improve a mutwa decent housing is highly welcome.

batwa houseIMG_5905IMG_8165
Batwa huts.



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