Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 08/12/2016

Batwa forested land continues to face encroachment.

The  Batwa  forested land in Buhoma is being conserved for cultural purposes so that the Batwa can practice and pass on their diminishing culture   to their children which they had and lost during  the 1991 evictions from their ancestral lands of Mgahinga, Bwindi National parks and Echuya forest.

A man  by the names of Julius  from Mukono parish in Kanungu district was of recent arrested  and later fined for trespassing  and cutting trees without permission  from Batwa forested land of Buhoma.  Julius and many others always  graze animals, cut trees and even burn charcoal from the Batwa land and go unnoticed.

On the fateful day as he was preparing for his upcoming wedding, Julius had to cut the trees from the Batwa forested land for firewood purposely for his wedding and disguised to have obtained permission from one of the forested land caretakers. However, this was contrary to the caretaker’s words who said that,  “Upon being arrested, he proved to be too stubborn and also tried to assault a policeman that was leading visitors from gorilla tracking, “said Justus Byaruhanga one of the care takers of the land.

Though Julius continued denying having cut the trees, other circumstantial evidence was used against him to pin him thus leading him to plead guilty and later begged to be pardoned. Un like others, Julius being  a first time offender was fined and called upon to become an advocate to those who have also  been planning to damage the Batwa forested land forest.

UOBDU  thus calls upon  the public  to help in conserving and  preserving the Batwa culture as well as  their forested land.



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