Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 22/12/2016

Long distance ; A disaster towards Batwa access to proper healthcare

Teopista Kibire aged about 35 years died on  13th, November 2016 and was buried on 14th , November 2016 in Murubindi Batwa community, Kabale district. She left behind a two weeks old baby with no care but only in the hands of her helpless husband and very young sibling.

Teopista who had developed Pneumonia  was trying to go to Kashasha Healthy center 111 which is about 10km from her community of residence for medical checkup. She never reached her destination since she died on her way as she was too sick to commute that long distance or even afford transport to take her there. It is sad that Teopista died on her way to hospital.



The  child that was left behind by Teopista



Her badly malnourished child is now under the care of his helpless father Rwendeye  and maternal aunt Irene Nyirabashitsi. His young sister Mukunde has to carry him on the back whenever he needs to sleep.



The young caretaker “Mukunde”



Many other Batwa are still suffering the same problem of long distance being a disaster to them from accessing proper medical care like it happened to Teopista.

In the past month as UOBDU staff was on its daily community feedback meeting in Kabale, they were approached by a one Kanusu to transport his badly off wife to Mutorele hospital where Batwa have been insured to get free medication. “My wife has been sick for so long and the problem is persisting since it has now prevented her from passing out stool” said Kanusu.

The wife was indeed badly off as she had turned pale on her face and sat using one side of her body while in the car. One wonders why Kanusu did not take his wife earlier enough to hospital before the ailment became too much.

The answer is obvious, Kanusu lives far in Kabale and could not afford transport to hire a car and take the wife to hospital in Kisoro, and he also had hopes that the situation would be better with the use of local herbs but it did not.

Many Batwa have faced this challenge, many have survived and many have passed on and the challenge still continues among the Batwa since majority of them stay far away from these medical centers.

You and I can make a difference if we joined hands to save the Batwa lives.



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