Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 29/03/2017

The life of Juliana a blind mutwa lady.

Although disability is not common in Batwa communities, there are still some isolated incidents which include blindness, lameness and a few dumbness.

Related to the above cases, Julian Nyirabucyekwe a widower of about 90 years is blind. Julian resides in Nyarutembe parish which is about 30kms away from Kisoro municipality.

This woman is too disadvantaged that she lives in a poor house which doubles as her kitchen as well as a store. She is also too poor and weak  to afford buying clothes as well as looking for  food respectively .

Her happiness only comes when the sun is out for her to sunbathe because neither her one t-shirt, poorly constructed house nor even her one blanket can give her the warmth she deserves.

It is only her daughters in law who give her food which they obtain from offering cheap labor to other people. This leaves Juliana to survive on one meal daily.

Thank God she is still living. UOBDU wishes to reach out to all good hearted people to come and rescue this needy old woman.

God bless you!



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