Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 12/04/2017


About 35 kilometers away from UOBDU offices, there lays a community known as Gatera found in Buasanza- Bufumbira North, kisoro District. It may sound new or strange but it is true this community has a big number of both men and women who can read and write their names. The community has about 33 house- holds or families.

It is not a mistake therefore that  the first ever female graduate with a Diploma in Development studies among the Batwa and currently employed by UOBDU, M/s Alice Nyamihanda  comes from Gatera. The current UOBDU chairman Mr. Dusabe Yeremia also comes and resides in the same community.

                                         M/s Alice, the first mutwa graduate.

In addition, the same community succeeded in getting Community Demand Driven (CDD) money after applying for funding from kisoro District local government at the sub-county.

It is possible for other   Batwa communities to do the same if the world can join hands towards supporting generously these communities as UOBDU pushes on for the human rights issues of the Batwa to understand the importance of both formal and informal education.

Congratulations Gatera, time is the only answer and silence will be broken forever for what future indigenous peoples would want.





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