Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 12/05/2017

Walking again:

On  a daily  community field visit  by UOBDU staff to Kabale district, Kadera had this beautiful story to share .

Kadera is a Mutwa from Murambo  Batwa community in Kabale District and  has been crippled for years without walking on his own.

Community members would aid him to go for sun bathing and then back to his house at dawn.

God speaks in many ways and this time God spoke to Kadera through a team of born again Christians who happened to be passing via Kadera’s community near the showers of lake Bunyonyi.

The team held prayers with community members and had a special prayer for kadera and because of his faith, he managed to walk again!. Kadera was too excited he could not wait to share the miracle story of his life.

                                        Kadera, walking again!

Kadera walked swiftly with the aid of two walking sticks and said to UOBDU team, “Yes I can walk, I can dance, I can attend meetings with you again”. God can do wonders to your life any time less expected.



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