Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 17/05/2017

Batwa self-initiative

Mukongoro Batwa community in Kanungu District is a four hour drive from Kisoro district. It is one of the Batwa communities that has benefited from UOBDU in different projects including trainings in skills development.

UOBDU recently was met with different mixed feelings and surprises on its monthly community senstisation routine.

One of the interesting achievements Mukongoro has done on their own is putting up a sem- permanent structure purposely for  different community meetings, functions and decisions.

                                        Mukongoro community meeting hall

The community members using their acquired skills prepared the site donated to them by one of their own, Justus Byaruhanga. In a participatory manner  the rest of the  Batwa cut building poles and Leeds from their own plantation, carried them to the site and started electing the house.These efforts saw the community come up with the structure above.

Whether rainy or sunny seasons, meetings and other related functions will go on without interference because of such shelter.

Sensitisation and skills can help community members to do things on their own, thanks to UOBDU and its partners and congratulations to Mukongoro Batwa community.



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