Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 05/06/2017

Life changing gifts.

After eviction in 1991, the Batwa became financially incapable, landless, homeless, hopeless and voiceless since the forest was their only source of livelihood. Since then, several NGOs, churches and individuals have tried to provide different resources and assistance that can help them live a decent life.

In addition to what the Batwa have received, Ewerina Kawczyska who visited UOBDU and its members in 2015 was touched by the Batwa  bad situation. She had an idea of doing something for the Batwa.When she returned back home,Ewerina decided to convert and donate her birth day gifts that she received from her friends to saving the Batwa . This  was equivalent to ugx 4.300.000(four million three hundred thousand shillings) and  was remitted it to UOBDU in Dec 2016.

UOBDU through its leadership agreed to distribute the donation to 16 Batwa households who were grouped according to what they are best knowledgeable in. Two groups were given Irish potato seeds to plant and earn some income and surplus for food, one group was equipped with necessary timber carpentry  equipments and one individual was given a bicycle to use in boda boda transport (cyclist ).

UOBDU is hopeful that these groups will improve their livelihoods in addition to  doing other activities and hence be exemplary to other Batwa.

We are grateful for all our donors and we wish to assure you all that every donation counts and will benefit the targeted people since it is all our responsibility.



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