Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 08/02/2019

New school term, 2019 begins.

As the first term for  the year 2019 begun this week, UOBDU was also very busy receiving children back from holidays and giving them scholastic materials to use as they report back to school .

The children who reported safely back to school are in different class levels and have embraced the importance of acquiring education as the only way to get out of poverty and backwardness in their communities.

UOBDU is grateful to Act and Empower for continuously supporting Batwa children.

We wish the children all the best in their studies this term.

Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 01/02/2019

Health Insurance a greater need for the Batwa .

Eric Tumuhirwe is a mutwa from Rubuguri Town council that is about 24km from Kisoro town. He has been in hospital taking care of his expectant wife since early December 2018.

Eric’s home being far, he had to sleep at the hospital as long as his wife was still sick, looked for food to cater for both himself and the patient because  the hospital only offers medication.

On the last days when Eric’s wife had failed to deliver normally, he was requested to get  shs 10.000 (ten thousand shillings) for iodine since the wife was going to be operated upon. Eric could not afford the money as he had not been working for long and he had to approach UOBDU for assistance.

The above experience of Eric is similary un affordable to most Batwa since Batwa of Kisoro have had a health insurance before with Mutolere hospital. This insurance expired and has not yet been renewed.

The Insurance helped Batwa a lot by providing them with medication, food and outreaches to and in their respective communities. This was amazing since it reduced on transport costs, food expenditure and even time.

The above benefits are no more  and Batwa now have to flock government hospitals and health centers for medication. When some are requested to buy medicine that is not provided for within the hospital, they fail. Others can’t even reach the hospital due to lack of transport and decide to stay home without medication.

A lot of life among the Batwa has been lost due to this set back of not having the health Insurance. Seeking health services  among the Batwa has also reduced because majority cannot afford and this can only be revived if Batwa  got back a health insurance.

We therefore call upon all that are willing to support the Batwa transform  their health standards to help.



Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 29/01/2019

Greetings from UOBDU.

On behalf of UOBDU , let us  congratulate Batwa and our beloved followers upon reaching another new year.Happy New Year to you all! .

Let us  also take this opportunity to thank all UOBDU staff for credible articles that they provided for the whole of last year and wish to encourage them do so even this year.

To our beloved followers, we hope to continue giving you credible events and stories that might be happening among Batwa communities on a weekly basis.

In 2019, UOBDU is aiming at making sure that the Batwa case which was filed in the Constitutional court of Uganda is heard, Batwa families are introduced to cash economy and continuously encourage Batwa children education at all levels.

We thus invite all stakeholders and friends of goodwill to support us in achieving these initiatives.

We wish you all the best  in this year and let us work together to improve Batwa lives.

God bless you all.

Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 12/12/2018

Sanitation improvement among Batwa communities

In order to prevent many diseases that are associated with poor sanitation, there is need to drink clean water as well as have good   toilet coverage. This has been emphasized by UOBDU especially in Batwa communities which are still squatters on other peoples land like Rukeri  Batwa community in Nyarusiza sub county.

During this year, UOBDU with support from Gorilla Organization managed to construct 32 pit latrines in Batwa areas including Rukeri in Nyarusiza.

Under this activity, the Batwa are required to provide labor in digging the pit hole themselves while the organization provides all the materials and other labor for construction including roofing of the toilet.

UOBDU staff standing with a beneficiary near the newly constructed pitlatrine.

This project has excited the Batwa   especially those who had never seen the pit latrines for the first time   in their community

We are hopeful that this project has left a foot mark in many other communities including Gitebe who have many community members and were able to get 11 pit latrines out of the 32.

We thank all donors who continue to support Batwa through UOBDU and we continuously commit ourselves always to deliver whatever is entrusted through us to benefit them.

Together we shall transform  the Batwa.

Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 22/11/2018


Several challenges keep hindering the future of Batwa girls to complete their education.

These among others are the trend at which early marriages and pregnancies are increasing hence the higher number of school drop outs among Batwa school girls.

This has caused UOBDU and other Batwa partners to wonder when this will ever stop since we need educated Batwa girls’ in the community too.

Whereas some  dropouts are either influenced  by the environment the girls live in such as rampant rape/defilement , natural calamities like sicknesses,poverty, others may be  due to  influence from Batwa parents that still believe that a girl must not be educated but instead be married off  to provide dowry to the parents.

Rape and defilenment are serious and sad vices  committed to the Batwa community  because Batwa  girls when raped or defiled  get impregnated when they have reached the prime stage of completing a certain level of education and are usually impregnated by men and boys  from the none Batwa tribe.Surprisingly these men and boys may abandon or deny responsibility after  impregnating these girls.

This leaves everyone involved in the well being of such girls traumatized and disturbed. It also puts their parents at risk since sometimes they are threatened by the culprits’ whenever they try to report such issues to the authorities hence end up being bribed with little money to silence them and abandon the matter.

The current trend of what is happening needs to be addressed with extra efforts of the relevant authorities and human rights advocates to strengthen the capacity of women and girls to enhance social change.

UOBDU together with its partners has put much effort to deter these incidents from happening by educating and sensitizing school children and parents in its working areas .However, this needs an extra hand from the relevant authorities in order for every woman and girl to achieve and enjoy her full human rights.


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