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            Group of IP’s pausing for a photo with Kisoro RDC (in a tie)

For the first time all the IP’s in Uganda as described by Ministry of Gender labor and Social Development were able to meet and share a preparatory meeting organized and hosted by UOBDU in Kisoro.

The aim of the meeting was to prepare for a national meeting of all indigenous peoples and various stakeholders including Ministries, Government departments with the framework of UDESA that was to be hosted in Kapchorwa- Uganda. The IP’s included the IK, Tepeth, Benet, Ngikaramajong as pastoralists and Batwa.

In this preparatory meeting the IP’s were grateful for the opening remarks delivered by the Resident District Commissioner of Kisoro plus the warm welcome by the host UOBDU  .

The IP’s were able to develop a position paper which they named “KISORO MEMORUNDUM” that enshrined all their needs and requests. This was done by all the 43 representatives of IP’s and  NGOs  that were present on that day.

The memorandum which was signed by all participants was later presented by a mutwa by the names of Tumwebaze Scholar who was selected to do so while in Kapchorwa.

Thanks to IWGIA for the financial support, without it , this wouldn’t have been achieved  .We have hope that the IP’s journey  which  was started in Kisoro will soon bear fruits and also   hope we shall have more funds to form a platform which  will  help us  in following up the memorandum.

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Batwa Women’s Right’s Defenders get commissioned.

It was with great joy at UOBDU when 88 Batwa women and men got commissioned last month as Women’s Right’s Defenders (WRD’s).

                            Commissioned Women’s Rights defenders with their tools.

Having undergone various training’s in human rights, leadership, communication , entrepreneurship skills and  the use of the Penal Code, the Batwa were sent out to their various communities to handle human rights violations and also help report the same to different authorities.

To facilitate them in handling these cases, the WRD’s were provided with community phones, case reporting books, case reference forms  and identification  cards that distinguish them from other members of the community especially when handling these cases.

All these items were designed to help the women’s rights defenders execute their duties within the Batwa communities and also help in reporting gender based violence issues.

These trainees are expected to form committees within their communities which will be used to handle domestic and human rights violations cases within the Batwa communities.

The team is well trained in  handling  civil matters and follow up criminal matters with the help of  UOBDU staff  who is in charge of the organization phone or reception center that the Women Rights Defenders are obliged to call in case of any issue within their respective communities.

We hope that after introducing all the WRD’s to the local leadership by UOBDU they will be able to execute their work with ease and at a free cost hence easing tensions in Batwa communities.

Appreciation goes to International Indigenous Women’s Forum(FIMI) for the great support to Batwa.

UOBDU wishes the entire Women’s Rights Defenders all the best as they fight for human rights violations of the Batwa.


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                AGM participants that elected the Board.

UOBDU Annual General Meeting elects a new Board after every two years. This Board is comprised of only ten Batwa men and women representatives from the districts of Kisoro, Rubanda, Kabale, Kanungu, Mbarara and Lwengo.

The 2018 Board elections brought in new entrants who also included  the youth .

Whereas some leaders maintained their seats on the Board; others lost their seats to new entrants.

Dusabe Yeremiah maintained his seat as the Chairperson, Nyirabakunzi Janet as the vice chairperson, Tumwebaze  Scorah  as the secretary, HabyarImana Elias as the Treasurer, Vuguziga Sophia as a woman representative,  Barugahare Moses as a youth representative, Kakuru David as  a member, Ntangyengwa Wilson as a member,  Ayinkamiye Vastina as a member and  Ngabirano Robert  as  a member.

UOBDU congratulates and wishes the new Board a successful term of office.

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Batwa community consulted on their situation.

On 12/4/2018 Batwa Indigenous peoples were engaged in a consultative meeting that was organized by Ministry of Gender Labor and Social Development and UN in collaboration with UOBDU.

  Batwa being consulted by  the ministry of gender representative

This meeting was held at UOBDU offices in Kisoro. The meeting which included a total of 41 Batwa representatives from the districts of Kisoro and Rubanda, different district leaders from Kisoro like the Chief Administrative Officer, Resident District Commissioner, District Community Development Officer, District Health Officer and District planner also involved a delegation from Kampala comprised of Commissioner for gender, UN representative and a representative from Uganda Human rights commission.

The Batwa are former occupants of Bwindi, Mgahinga and Semliki forests that are now national Parks and under the management of Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The purpose of the meeting was to hear views affecting the Batwa indigenous peoples so that they can be included in the ongoing Policy on culture that is being reviewed at the national level. Such similar meetings have also been taking place around Uganda among other Indigenous peoples.

There is hope that if such views are taken into consideration and adopted the livelihood of indigenous Batwa can be improved as people who were evicted from their ancestral lands without any alternative form of survival nor any compensation by the Government of the republic of Uganda for the loss of their ancestral lands.

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Owning a cow, a big dream in the Batwa community.

Batwa of Sanuriro Nteko , Nyabwishenya sub county, Kisoro district are celebrating due to one of their members Irene Muhawe having received  a  donation of a cow from Batwa Development Programme( BDP) .”I’m also soon going to be drinking my own milk“, said Irene.

Irene is also the first mutwa in her community to construct and live in  a permanent house.This is  a big dream and development within the Batwa community that is regarded as  very poor and needy.

There has also in addition  been the provision of houses  to other community members by the same organisation BDP plus provision of Irish potatoe  seedlings by Gorilla Organisation through UOBDU.

All the above have led the community to move a step  ahead in development.

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