Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 08/02/2018

Batwa farming groups

UOBDU is funded by Gorilla Organisation to support eight Batwa groups in agriculture where the groups plant Irish potatoes on hired land.

The groups that plant two seasons in a year, managed to make some savings out of the last harvests and  each group came up with a goal to achieve.

The eight groups include Gitebe,Mukungu A&B, Biizi, Rukeri, Gatera, Sanuriro and Kanyabukungu/  Mperwa . The different goals to be achieved  include buying motorcycles (bodaboda), sheep for each group member, a cow, solar for lighting and a milling machine for business respectively and aim at fulfilling them by the end of 2018.

                                        Biizi group after harvest

Training these different groups in farming and monitoring is usually done by UOBDU agronomist who also ensures that the harvest is good and group are goals achieved.

Through income generation especially in agriculture, the life of the Batwa will change to better standards.

Thanks  to  Gorilla Organisation for the generous support.

Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 05/06/2017

Life changing gifts.

After eviction in 1991, the Batwa became financially incapable, landless, homeless, hopeless and voiceless since the forest was their only source of livelihood. Since then, several NGOs, churches and individuals have tried to provide different resources and assistance that can help them live a decent life.

In addition to what the Batwa have received, Ewerina Kawczyska who visited UOBDU and its members in 2015 was touched by the Batwa  bad situation. She had an idea of doing something for the Batwa.When she returned back home,Ewerina decided to convert and donate her birth day gifts that she received from her friends to saving the Batwa . This  was equivalent to ugx 4.300.000(four million three hundred thousand shillings) and  was remitted it to UOBDU in Dec 2016.

UOBDU through its leadership agreed to distribute the donation to 16 Batwa households who were grouped according to what they are best knowledgeable in. Two groups were given Irish potato seeds to plant and earn some income and surplus for food, one group was equipped with necessary timber carpentry  equipments and one individual was given a bicycle to use in boda boda transport (cyclist ).

UOBDU is hopeful that these groups will improve their livelihoods in addition to  doing other activities and hence be exemplary to other Batwa.

We are grateful for all our donors and we wish to assure you all that every donation counts and will benefit the targeted people since it is all our responsibility.

Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 17/05/2017

Batwa self-initiative

Mukongoro Batwa community in Kanungu District is a four hour drive from Kisoro district. It is one of the Batwa communities that has benefited from UOBDU in different projects including trainings in skills development.

UOBDU recently was met with different mixed feelings and surprises on its monthly community senstisation routine.

One of the interesting achievements Mukongoro has done on their own is putting up a sem- permanent structure purposely for  different community meetings, functions and decisions.

                                        Mukongoro community meeting hall

The community members using their acquired skills prepared the site donated to them by one of their own, Justus Byaruhanga. In a participatory manner  the rest of the  Batwa cut building poles and Leeds from their own plantation, carried them to the site and started electing the house.These efforts saw the community come up with the structure above.

Whether rainy or sunny seasons, meetings and other related functions will go on without interference because of such shelter.

Sensitisation and skills can help community members to do things on their own, thanks to UOBDU and its partners and congratulations to Mukongoro Batwa community.

Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 12/05/2017

Walking again:

On  a daily  community field visit  by UOBDU staff to Kabale district, Kadera had this beautiful story to share .

Kadera is a Mutwa from Murambo  Batwa community in Kabale District and  has been crippled for years without walking on his own.

Community members would aid him to go for sun bathing and then back to his house at dawn.

God speaks in many ways and this time God spoke to Kadera through a team of born again Christians who happened to be passing via Kadera’s community near the showers of lake Bunyonyi.

The team held prayers with community members and had a special prayer for kadera and because of his faith, he managed to walk again!. Kadera was too excited he could not wait to share the miracle story of his life.

                                        Kadera, walking again!

Kadera walked swiftly with the aid of two walking sticks and said to UOBDU team, “Yes I can walk, I can dance, I can attend meetings with you again”. God can do wonders to your life any time less expected.

Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 11/05/2017

Have you ever valued the importance of a basin?

We all know that a basin is one of the basic requirements in a home in order to promote good sanitation habits. We also assume that everyone must have a basin in their home.

However, this may be  different. On a recent concluded community fieldwork with in the Batwa communities by UOBDU, the staff got some amusing confessions about none possession of a basin in most  Batwa households.

One mutwa said” Thank God, I have been using a polythene bag locally known as Kavera to wash my clothes but now I have received a basin. Another mutwa said that he had dug a small pit which would trap water and be used as basin.

This leaves one to wonder if a basin is too expensive for a mutwa to afford. However, this shows how poor and helpless some Batwa families are irrespective of several projects by different NGO’S in the the area since little attention is usually given to essential necessities.


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