Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 19/11/2018

Soil land management technologies now introduced in Batwa communities of Kisoro.

Following the recent heavy down power in Kisoro which led to loss of lives, houses and terrible landslides with massive erosion, UOBDU has seriously kicked off trough the organization’s field Agronomist to  introduce soil and water conservation technologies.

These hands on trainings started in Mukungu Batwa community whose   planted Irish potatoes were swept off down the valley by runoffs. Thus, the priority soil land management technologies that are being practiced to prevent these landslides are; terraces (leveling of land along hill slopes), contour bunds (a traditional low cost method of soil conservation, grass bunds, conservation agriculture,agroforestry, woodlots etc.








Contour bunds that are being introduced in Batwa communities.

The benefits of these practices to Batwa communities include promotion of water retention and conservation, increase crop production, less damage to land down slope (gullies and sedimentation), contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation through improved moisture conservation.

There is also better carbon sequestration via improved vegetative cover and soil organic matter. However, as  an organization, we are faced with challenge to have the dream of this soil land management technology properly implemented in all communities since not all the Batwa own this land  where to perform it.

Majority of the land is hired and the owners will not permit any extra activity  rather than the one agreed upon to be performed on such land.

Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 09/11/2018

Batwa illiterate rates slowly going down.

Since the establishment of UOBDU Education project in 2008, a number of  Batwa children have been enrolled  in Boarding schools of their choices within Kisoro and  several achievements have also been registered.

This year 2018 two students joined Advanced level, two others are doing their 3rd year final exams at university while others have just sat for their Ordinary level exams with high hopes that they will join Advanced level in the coming year 2019.

     Kwiringira Jackson, one of the candidates that has  just completed Ordinary level.

With many students completing Ordinary level, we believe Batwa people will soon have a  bigger population that  can represent their own issues in the near future.

We thank Act and Empower for  generously and continuously supporting Batwa in fulfilling their desired dream of attaining education.

The struggle  still continues.

Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 02/11/2018

How much do you value your work?

We all work or have worked somewhere but have  you ever asked yourself how much that job is important to you?. Or if you woke up one day to go and work and you were told to go back, how would you feel?

Every morning as I walk to office for  work, I find the office attendant (Aisha) trying to ensure everyone arrives and sits in a clean environment that is also favorable for work. Aisha a single mother of five is a mutwa and UOBDU office attendant. She walks a distance of about 4 Kilometers every day. Aisha does not drive nor ride but  walks to and from home.

                               Aisha enjoying  her daily activity,cleaning.

This shows how much Aisha like any other person treasurer their work. Imagine without such people like Aisha, the lady’s  that clean the streets, those that clean hospital, collect rubbish on the  streets, the environment would be filthy and unsuitable.

They do their work with ease, happiness and satisfaction yet they are the least paid in almost every sector. If I were to grade these people, I would grade them as the best doctors that prevent people from acquiring diseases and so on.

Let us all learn to love our work like Aisha because you do not know what tomorrow has in store for you.

Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 26/10/2018

Lighting the Batwa community

UOBDU has been able to light 40 Batwa communities with 30 Watts solar panels that can light up to 5 bulbs for a single household. Few other Batwa who never got solar managed to get 3 way lighting hand lamps.

Cries and challenges from several Batwa  led to the funding of solar to their respective communities. These challenges included children failure to do homework, lack of lanterns to light their houses, failures of women to do handcraft work at night, darkness around their homes that become security threats especially to ladies and use of fire within their home as light which sometimes burns their houses or dirtens school uniforms , clothes as well as high aggregated cost of charging phones.

All the above challenges have been solved by the solar energy project which is being implemented by UOBDU from June 2018 and will continue till November 2018. A total of 46 households from 40 Batwa communities have been lightened with 40 solar panels of 30 watts each.

During the connection five houses were found to be closer and nearer to the installed ones thus there is sharing of the power to them. This is why the number of households lit is more than the panels installed.

UOBDU Chairman and Treasurer   inspecting the solar to be distributed.

Installation of solar in Kalehe Batwa community.

In addition a total of 109 solar hand lamps were distributed to different households. These lamps are recharged by the sun and can last more than 3days if anyone uses it for 3-4 hours daily.

Demonstrating how to use a 3 way lighting hand  lamp.

Some of the Batwa lamp beneficiaries.

This brings us to a total of 1015 homes that have been lit by this project which has drastically reduced darkens around several Batwa homes.

Each community and individual that benefited from this exercise had a joyful story to share as to most it was a surprise. During the exercise joy, songs of praises ‘’okwevuga’’ and many other ways that could show joy were also witnessed in different communities.

Thanks to Global Green Grant for this pilot project of lighting Batwa community.

Posted by: United Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda | 28/08/2018


            Group of IP’s pausing for a photo with Kisoro RDC (in a tie)

For the first time all the IP’s in Uganda as described by Ministry of Gender labor and Social Development were able to meet and share a preparatory meeting organized and hosted by UOBDU in Kisoro.

The aim of the meeting was to prepare for a national meeting of all indigenous peoples and various stakeholders including Ministries, Government departments with the framework of UDESA that was to be hosted in Kapchorwa- Uganda. The IP’s included the IK, Tepeth, Benet, Ngikaramajong as pastoralists and Batwa.

In this preparatory meeting the IP’s were grateful for the opening remarks delivered by the Resident District Commissioner of Kisoro plus the warm welcome by the host UOBDU  .

The IP’s were able to develop a position paper which they named “KISORO MEMORUNDUM” that enshrined all their needs and requests. This was done by all the 43 representatives of IP’s and  NGOs  that were present on that day.

The memorandum which was signed by all participants was later presented by a mutwa by the names of Tumwebaze Scholar who was selected to do so while in Kapchorwa.

Thanks to IWGIA for the financial support, without it , this wouldn’t have been achieved  .We have hope that the IP’s journey  which  was started in Kisoro will soon bear fruits and also   hope we shall have more funds to form a platform which  will  help us  in following up the memorandum.

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